Tuesday, August 19, 2008

14 years and 2 days later

Darin has done it this time...
Last night Darin came home saying he fell of his friends bike pegs and rolled his foot and landed full weight on it...OUCH!
His foot looked like someone layed an egg on top of it...With all of the swelling i knew that they would not be able to x-ray it properly until some swelling went down.

When he woke up after icing it all night the egg went away and some light blue bruising was there..I thought he probably pulled a muscle or sprained it real bad. .I thought he would be fine until after i got back doing some errands, when i did come back i looked at his foot again and the bruising was no longer light it was dark blue and his father and i decided maybe we should take him to ER just to be certain there was no break.

Just what i needed...my only day off in 31 days and i spend
2 1/2 hours at work in the ER. My luck!
Anyhoo...doctor says it's a possible growth plate fracture and i have to take him to see another doctor in just a couple days...just to be sure.
Luckily we had these crutches from the last time he hurt his foot. They put on a makeshift cast until we are certain what he did to it.

Looks like he will spend the rest of his summer vacation doing this...
hooo hummm


Amber said...

After you've completed the natural motherly concern stage of this business, be sure to take a moment to laugh at Darin for taking that risk in the first place. :-)

Team Gherkin said...

Ouch! That's annoying for him. On ur day off as well. Glad it's not too serious.

Karmyn R said...

Poor kid. What a way to end the summer.

Diane said...

I have seen so many folks with sore feet this Summer!
One lady in my Yarn Group broke her right foot on the 4th of July. She hasn't been able to drive, and it is making her crazy! Her cast comes off soon.

Happy Birthday! Darin!
in the years to come, you will have some mixed-up memories of this week


Anonymous said...

I hope it is nothing too serious!! I also hope he is not in too much pain. Not a very nice way to spend the ending of summer. Hope you have some good DVD's around.