Sunday, August 17, 2008

14 years of experience and many more to go!

This is obvious what this

Darin's Birthday Party!

Amber layed in the grass and took her own picture and i think she looks lovely in it. I see the teen coming out of her...stay tuned for next months birthday featuring Amber.

Remember when we used to carry Darin around? lol

Now look who can carry who.

This is Darin, his best friend Josh and Josh's little brother Austin. They live next door and are Darin's BEST FRIENDS!
Josh is a year older than Darin...but much smaller.

This is a very nice pic. He towers over me.
He was recently measured and is now standing 6 feet tall. He grew about 2 inches over the summer!

I have been trying to grow my hair long again. It's been short for several years now and now i have decided that I will grow it long again. I've been pinning my hair back to keep it off my face.

Frank and I

Frank and Amber


Team Gherkin said...

SO... GROWN... UP!!!

Anonymous said...


and I thought my hair was getting gray!


Anonymous said...

They grow so quickly! Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family.

Amber said...

Amber looks really cute in that last picture!