Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Darin is doing just fine. He saw a specialist on Monday and was told that there are no broken bones and that he must have sprained it severely! He still has some trouble putting full weight on it but no longer requires the crutches.

The kids went to their schools and recieved their schedules. They talked to alot of their friends waiting line. I ran into my uncle at my daughter's school and it turns out 2 of our cousins go to the same school, small world! I had no clue! They had pictures taken for school I.D.'s. and it looks like the kids are happy with the classes that they got for the first semester.

Darin got small engine repair...this should be interesting for him..he does like to build things.
He also got Physical education in his first hour...I hope his foot heals in a week, so he has no problem with doing this class.

Amber got Music and life skills for her electives...she is not looking forward to music...boring she says!!! All the rest of the classes are usual reading, social studies, math.. you know.

We ran into her wrestling coach and he was trying to talk Amber into Basketball also. Wrestling was so positive for Amber last year ...she had alot of buddies and they all said hello to her and asked if she was going to do it again.

I'm still working my arse off! My day off is not until next Friday! I'm just trying to hang in there. Not that i hate my job but you do get tired of being there so much. My boss apologized parfusly for scheduling me 31 days with only one day off. I told her it's ok..i need the money but that i hoped she would schedule me more hours in a short amount of days than more days all together. We'll see.

My truck broke down on Sunday so I had to bring it to the dealership on Monday. It would not start, all it did was click. Turns out it was the battery and thankfully it was covered under the 3 year warranty. I thought it was the starter...but in the man's word's "whatever it is your covered" I love those words! The towing was also covered! On Star is the greatest...they did all the work! Told them the location of the car and where i wanted to take it and everything. Worth the 18.95 a month i pay for it. One day I am going to lock my keys in the car just to try out the unlocking of the doors feature...super cool!

Anywho...yeh I know i am boring...but this is my life as i know it right now.

I am so looking forward to my reunion...Maybe because i will wear something other than a uniform possibly! Watch me start passing trays or something lmao.


liz said...

I am glad he is okay.

Team Gherkin said...

Glad he's going to be OK. Whew!!! sounds like you need to find some time to sleep, u sound so busy lately! Take care of yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so glad that it is not broken. Sprains hurt so much thou. Tell him to take it easy.

You do need a day off. Money or not, that is too long to go without taking time out for you.

Your life does not sound boring, you seem always on the go.

Take care.

Diane said...

Union or not, there surely must be some Dept of Labor regulation about you getting a day off more often!

Start of school is a mixed blessing.
Seeing friends is good, routine is good.

Homework and lunch line, not so fun.

Here's hoping for a good year for all of us!