Friday, August 15, 2008


August 16th, 1994
My baby boy Darin was born. It was the happiest day of our lives. He was so cute. His hair was so light that he looked bald.

I went thru alot to have him. Gestational diabetes was the worst. I had to poke my fingers 5 times a day and take insulin shots 2 times a day.

Three weekends before i had him i had to stay in the hospital so they could shove what they called seaweed sticks onto my cervix to try to get me to dialate. The worst!!!!! I hurt so bad because my cervix was what they called high and it felt like a bat was being pushed inside of me. The day that i had him i told the doctors that if he was not born today that i was going home and i would not come back for all of that again....I would not be coming back until his head was almost out of me. Finally one very nice doctor with very long fingers was able to break my water so that i would not be going home. I was in labor from 7 am. until 9:00pm , by then the doctors decided that his head was too big to come down my birth canal and that a c-section would probably be the best. By then i just wanted him out! Darin was born at 10:29 pm., he weighed 9lbs 11 oz. and was 21 inches tall.

Here he is at 3 months. That smile is to die for!

Here is my 14 year old boy in the green shirt.
He is getting to be a man. About to have to shave for the very first time very soon. Getting his manly voice. Getting his manly hair all over!
He will be driving soon. He is already asking to go hunting with his dad. So many first on the way.

Since he is going to be 14's 14 reasons why I LOVE HIM.
1. A total sweetheart
2. He does not like to see me sad.
3. God this kid is Funny!!!!
4. The way he will come up to me and say "give me a huggie" *melt*
5. Smart!
6. He is tall enough to reach me things that i cannot reach! lol
7. The way that he is just happy sitting home.
8. generous.
9. I love his eyes..he has long eyelashes.
10. The way that he has a few select friends.
11. He loves some responsibility...
12. I love his facial expressions.
13. He's cute
14. I love the fact that HE IS MINE!!!!!!

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Team Gherkin said...

Happy Birthday! Don't they grow up so quickly...?!?
I really appreciate your 14-point list! Beautiful. I always appreciate a proud parent :)

Mal :)