Thursday, September 04, 2008

I changed the color of my hair. It's called light golden brown... It was time for a change...the blonde streaks just made me look like i had a head full of grey and i don't have grey hair yet..ok..maybe a couple, but not that anyone can notice. I know i look like death warmed over...this is day 16 of working i am mentally drained I will be writing about that tomorrow.

My big dog Mini is seeing the vet tomorrow..unfortunely it's to put her to rest. I have been in mourning all week trying to prepare myself for what's about to happen. I can't let her suffer anymore.


Team Gherkin said...

Looking good!

I'm really sorry to hear about your doggie. I'm really sorry. But it sounds like it is for the best. :(

Stacy said...

I feel for you.
Just remember, she'll be there to greet you...Rainbow Bridge.

gammamoma said...

Yes, Caroline, your hair looks lovely. Dont worry about Mini, she's running with God right now and not hurting any more. Im sure if she could, she would thank you for helping her cross over to the other side. It was right to do it when you did.