Friday, September 26, 2008


Amber was born Tuesday Semptember 26th, 1995 at 10:32 a.m. She was 8 lbs 8 1/2 oz., 20 inches long.

She was the most precious little girl! She had the cutest little voice when she was little. When she was younger she was definitely daddy's little girl. Darin was only 13 months old when Amber came, and Darin did not like sharing his mommy, so when daddy was home he took care of Amber and I would take care of Darin. Lately the jobs have seemed to switch. Amber wants me more and Darin wants his dad now. Funny how things work out. I use to cry alot because Amber would run to daddy for everything.

Amber has a very stubborn personality, if she thinks she is right, there is no talking to her. She has gotten alot better with not saying everything that comes to her mind. (at least out loud).

She would always embarrass her father and I with what would come out of her mouth.

Amber loves to help out with everything, teachers are always telling me that she has the "motherly instinct" she is always helping others. I love that about her.

She has always loved animals....even when she was very little she would say she wanted to be a vet or work at the zoo. At first I encouraged her love of animals with having lots of them in my home. But now-a-days I just don't have the energy...she does...but I don't! I have found out that as I get older..simplier is better. She still says that she is going to be a vet or work at the zoo. I'm glad that she already knows she wants to go to college. At her age I just wanted to finish high school! I have very few regrets in life...not going to college is one of them...

Amber is a very challenging little girl, she gives me a run for my money...but i Love her with all of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 things I Love about my daughter:

1. she is loved by all

2. she is a helper

3. her love of animals

4. she's a tom-boy (at the moment)

5. she's my height! (lol)

6. the way she collects things,,,sorts things...and she is happy doing this!

7. her conversations...she will sit right next to me and we talk and talk

8. the way she hates me! lol she reminds me of me when my mom used to wake me up in the morning. .

9. she likes shopping

10. I like her adventurous side...joining wrestling and all

11. I love her hugs

12. I love when she tells me she loves me

13. Of course...SHE IS MINE!


liz said...

aww happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post about a teen, who sounds and looks so beautiful. I hope it was a very happy celebration. She is also so lucky to have you for a mom.