Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today we celebrate 14 years of marriage. Time just fly's by.

I met Frank thru a mutual friend of ours. I had gone over to my friends house to play some games, drink some beer and just hang out. When I walked in I found Frank there. We were introduced by our "friend". Frank originally only came to Michigan for a little vacation. No real intentions of staying, he was to go back to Vermont in 2 weeks. In the mean time he was talking about me to his friends and I was talking about him to the same friends. I told my girlfriend "he will be mine". I just knew he was the one for me.

In just one week he asked me out and when it came time for him to leave he said that he decided to stay. He got a job here in Michigan and we were very happy.

I believe it was October of 1993 he asked me to marry him just after our mutual friends got married. He was so drunk and I told him to ask me again when he was sober. The very next day he asked me again and I told him yes. It wasn't until Christmas Eve 1993 that he had a ring underneath the Christmas tree waiting for me. I was so surprised! But he was more surpised that in the same instance I found out I was pregnant with Darin!

We were married just after Darin was born. September 17th 1994, we picked this date because it was the same day that Frank had first asked me out 2 years earlier. Our wedding was everything that I wanted and some extra.

Going to check out the wedding photo album now...


Karmyn R said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! And here's a wish for many many more!

liz said...


I hope it was a great one, and many more to come!

Diane said...

Happy Anniversary! with many more years to come. . . . .

We are just about double your years = gonna be 28 in October
like you, we had a 5 month old son at our wedding

I wouldn't change anything, we have grown together through the years


Team Gherkin said...

Happy Anniversary. Congratulations. No, sincerely! :)

SaVanna said...

Awwwww! Congratulations!!!! Happy Anniversary!! :)