Sunday, September 28, 2008

So much to talk about

Saturday finally came and went...My 20 year class reunion! Look, I'm not in a uniform for a change...It was nice to get all dressed up and I have to say that I didn't look half bad...If I could subtract the fat it would have been better... I think i look just fine in this pic...This dress has little rhinestones that went down the side of the dress where the slit up my leg is...It's only the second time I ever wore this dress..and thankfully i fit right in to what everyone at the party was wearing.

This is only a portion of my graduating class.."88"
Our class is 364 people...this is maybe 100

Frank is out there trying to mingle with the ladies..trying to do the cuban shuffle? or something like that. He gave up soon after.

This is me and an old buddy Erich, He lives in Hollywood now and has been in a few movies. He said he has not been in any speaking roles but is working on a few projects...He is such a sweetie. He invited me and my family to come to Hollywood and stay anytime we can get out there. How nice!

Me and Frank sitting for dinner. Yeh...that's a face only he can remind me no close ups ever

The reunion was a big success for alot of us. I unfornately did not meet up with alot of my "click"
I was still happy to see some of the people.....It was worth going, just to say I did. Lots of nice things that they did...They had name tags with our maiden names and had a photo of us from the yearbook on it to help "jog" our memories...It sure helped in my opinion. They passed out memory books...those that registered on the website were in it. A few people I am going to email shortly to say hey and see what is going on in their lives. Also in the memory book they had a cd with alot of pictures that people donated to be put in there from our high school days. And I was suprised to see that they had the whole "88" yearbook towards the end...that was awesome to see everybody in the yearbook...since I was not able to get one this works for me.
All in all it was an awesome night..would have been made better with a few of my special and dearest friends.....

Now...on to the better part of my life

I'm a proud mother of a 13 year old!!!! Two teenagers! Lord help me!
After our night out I spent Sunday cleaning the house and getting ready to celebrate my little girls special day. I wish her all the best and hoping that life will be easier for both of my children. It's amazing the Love for a child, and the Love that a child gives is just as amazing! You want to do more for them than for yourself...Isn't that always the case?
Well back to the reality of life in the morning..(work)
Hope everyone had a spectacular weekend!


Karmyn R said...

You look lovely!!!

My 20 year is next year. It is also my 10th wedding anniversary and my husband and I are planning Hawaii. So - if they fall on the same weekend (as my honeymoon and 10year did) I won't be attending.

I want to lose 50 lbs by then. I said that 2 months ago and haven't lost any. BWAAAHAAHAA

Anonymous said...

You look stunning. What a perfect dress for a reunion. Love it. I am glad you had a great time. Mine was a bust, it was held in the high school, food from the cafeteria. Pretty lame, I drove down all the way to Tennesse from NY just to go!! My husband's was on the same night, in Maryland, at some rich hotel. He has never let me forget it. Yet, seeing my best friend from high school was totally worth it!

Your such a wonderful mother. What a great birthday. Your like me now, all our kids are teens. We are in for a ride, but I still believe it will be the best ever.

Mojo said...

OOh LA LA!!! A dress with a slit! You are one brazen lady! :)
I think you looked totally gorgeous!