Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day to Day

Since putting my dog at rest there have been a few unexplained things happening around here. One night I looked down the hall and could have sworn that something went from the bathroom to my room to my son's room...this was Mini's path when she was around. I thought I was the only one that saw this, but when I told my daughter about it she said "I thought I saw the same thing". About the third day after she past I was watching t.v. and animal planet was doing a documentary about Great Pyrenees. I cried so hard. The fourth day I was getting ready to go somewhere, wait..first let me remind you that Mini had been loosing her bowels for about 6 months before she I was getting ready and all of a sudden I got a big whif of what smelled like her "poop" at first I thought the chihuahua's? Looked all over, never saw anything and it did not smell like it was in any special area. Everyone thinks I am crazy for that one. But I would like to think that it was her way of letting me know that she knows how sad I have been and that she is still watching over us.
My son just informed me that last night he awoke to what sounded like Mini barking around 5 in the morning.
It took me almost a week just to be able to talk about her without crying my eyes out.
The kids are doing ok with the whole school routine. It's nice to have a couple of hours to myself here and there. Especially with the fact that in a 6 week schedule I have had exactly 3 days off. My boss told me how much she has appreciated my help...she don't understand that it's helping me also. Frank just informed me that his company is now only going to be open 4 days a week until they get more business...and no he is not getting 10 hours a day to make a 40 hour check, it will be 8 hour days. Sucks, Sucks, and more Sucks!! Frank did stop by an old job to see if he could maybe work part time for him. His old boss was not there, so maybe he'll catch him on another day.
I get so worried these days....bills, school supplies, and Christmas is just around the corner. Everything usually works out someway, somehow, I just have to almost have an ulcer before I see the light.
Anyways....there are so many things up and coming this month....
Our (Frank and I) wedding anniversary, 14 years on September 17th. Amber's 13th birthday is on the 26th!! I will have 2 teenagers!!! And on the 27th will be my 20 year high school reunion!! I'm looking forward to the upcoming days!
I hope everyone is well.
ok...for some reason blogger is not letting me space for everything is running together. Sorry folks.


Amber said...

I know what it's like to lose a pet like that. I had a conure (small parrot) when I was in high school who was my constant companion and the year I went to college he died very suddenly of a virus. It was horrible, and I still have dreams about him. The beginning is the worst, but you know your puppy is in a much better place now.

Karmyn R said...

Give yourself time to grieve! It took my mom a year to get over the loss of her dog. He was her baby after all us kids left.

And as for seeing her? Who knows - I believe there is a spirit world out there and "energy". Maybe she is still there with you making sure all is okay.

Diane said...

My condolences for your loss.

I still miss our first cat, Leica, gone since December 1992, and our current cats are getting old and slow with arthritis.