Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just Because

Due to lack of interesting things to post about. I had to resort to stealing a meme from Michelle over at Rediscovering Me:

1. Do you like Bleu Cheese? I like the dressing, but don't care for the cheese to much

2. Have you ever been drunk? Yes!!! So drunk I vomited all over my bed 3 times.

3. Do you own a gun? apparently i own a rifle for my son.

4. What flavor of Kool Aid was your favorite? was and is! Tropical flavor!

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Nope!!! I am so used to them now that it don't effect me in the least!

6. What do you think of hot dogs? Good for a quick and easy meal! I could not eat them all the time tho!

7. Favorite Christmas movie? Rudolph is always going to be my favorite!

.8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? water, or orange juice.

9. Can you do push ups? I couldn't even tell you what one is. lol...but I can it push-ups all day :)

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? My wedding ring..I've worn it faithfully for 14 years now :)

11. Favorite hobby? bingo

12. Do you have A.D.D.? what?

13. What's your favorite shoe? currently airwalks

14. Middle name? Jean

15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment? 1. this ice cream is good...2. my next answer...3. why are the dogs barking?

16. What are 3 drinks you normally drink? water, pop, ice tea

17. Current worry? Not going there!!!!

18. Current hate right now? Nothing

19. Favorite smell? lilacs!

20. How did you bring in the New Year? At a neighbors house playing dominoes.

21. Where would you like to go right now? Florida,,,actually anywhere other than work.

22. Name three people who will complete this? not going to ask anyone too

23. Do you own slippers? Yes.

24. What color shirt are you wearing right now? maroon

25. Do you like sleeping on Satin sheets? Not really

26. Can you whistle? Yes, very loud with 2 fingers

27. Favorite color? black

28. Would you be a pirate? nah, i'm a landlover!

29. What songs do you sing in the shower? lately, Single ladies by Beyonce

30. Favorite Girl's Name? This changes all the, sela, jesse, savanna,

31. Favorite boy's name? Leland

32. What's in your pocket right now? notta

33. Last thing that made you laugh? my son, cracking jokes

34. Best bed sheets as a child? don't recall any

35. Worst injury you've ever had as a child? my father got in a car wreck, and i ended up with a cut on my forehead, most pain was tearing my all my ligaments in my left arm, jumping one of those gym horses.

36. Do you love where you live? Yes.

37. Favorite day of the week? any day that i don't have to work.

38. Who is your loudest friend? May

39. How many dogs do you have? 2 chihuahua's "torro" "hershey"

40. Does someone have a crush on you? of husband.

41. What is your favorite book? don't have any

42. What is your favorite candy? OMG, SNICKERS!

43. Favorite Sports Team? Red wings, only when i know they are on the verge of winning the stanley cup.

44. What song do you want played at your funeral? party music, dance y'all!


Cheryl said...

I love reading these questions. They are so fun and help to get to know you better. I may just try one myself.
Glad things are quiet, for now. I'm praying for your family.

Thanks for commenting of Melanie's post. It meant so much to her.

Dak-Ind said...


don't ya hate it when you jus have nothing new to post? it drives me nuts, because really we are SO busy right now, but its not anything anyone would care to hear about.

i've done a few memes in the past, i think they help folks get to know us, in small ways, better than before.

nice to see you again, its been a while since i left you a note of hello. i appreciate the nice things you say when you visit us.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

A good post, ma'am!!!

You beat me - I can't whistle properly at all! lol

Michelle said...


Cindy said...

Ooo! I think I am going to steal this for my blog too! Lately I haven't found much to talk about! Been trying to keep my topics more PG and that just doesn't work for me!!

LiLu said...

Best bed sheets as a child: flannel Care Bears. Definitely.