Monday, February 09, 2009


I ended up seeing my doctor on Friday and received the much needed shot in the hip. By the night time most of the arthritis pain was gone but still had pain coming from the pinched nerve I got from trying to baby my back from the pain that I already had. I had to work on Saturday, but when I woke up I felt that my back needed just one more day to relax, so I called in for another day. I did manage working on Sunday morning after finding my trustee back brace. Thank the Lord for that! I still have a small amount of pain running down my butt to my calf of my left leg. The good news is that I am able to work and walk.

I was sick of bad situations and sick of lying flat on my back. So on Sunday we all hopped into the car and went for a drive. It's been a long time since I have been near the water. Frank, kids, and even our Chihuahua's went for a nice long drive around Lake St. Clair. We ended up at a park where I have done alot of fishing in my days, it's also a very nice boat launch. The kids had a ball playing on the ice.

These dots that you see are Darin, Amber and Frank going out to talk to some ice fishing person. The gentleman said he caught alot of small perch out there. It was a nice day out but the wind hurt. I stayed in the car, i did not want to risk slipping and re injuring my back.

Here they are closer to shore.

Darin and Amber going down to the ice. Pretty sunset eh?

Just a pic of the ice.

This is set as my new desktop background. It's absolutely beautiful! It's also The 5th picture of the 5th file on my computer. Awhile back I was tagged by T at It Matters To Me, to post and talk about this picture so here it is.

I was standing outside watching the kids play on the ice and looked to the sky to see such a beautiful sunset, the tree, the tall grass, the snow and ice, it captured a wonderful moment!

Darin in all his glory!

Darin and Amber walking around with the dogs.

We left that park and went to another park closer to home and where the coast guard is. Frank and Darin were playing king of the hill. That's the fallen King Darin at the bottom of the hill. lol
He has risen. :)
Darin walking across a pond.
Darin and Amber in a very well lit, watch-a-call-it (the word is escaping me at the moment)lol it's still pretty none the less. It also had a very pretty bridge but it was to dark to get a descent pic over there.
So this is how we busted out of our house and cabin fever! Can't wait till it thaws and we are fishing and doing anything outside! We have been getting warmer over here in Michigan. we have been in the 40's and from what I here the 50's are around the corner. Can't wait to open windows and air the house out. Can't wait to put the winter coats away and the boots. Don't get me wrong, I do like winter, but I LOVE Spring and Fall!
Thanks for all the well wishes and the comments about Frank's grandmother. It was a big shock for Frank. He LOVED her dearly! The lady lived to be 90 years old, and had many times in the hospital, many surgeries and near the end was pretty much bed ridden.
Thanks again.


delizcious said...

Very pretty pics! I hope you feel better.

Stacie said...

that is a beautiful picture, but there is no way in hell you would catch me out on any ice and there's not a thing wrong with my hip ;)

momma said...

Go for a drive brought back some great memories the moment I read it. My mom used to load my three brothers and I in the car, pick a road, and follow it until it ended in someones farm yard or at the water's edge. Those were some happy adventures. Of course gas didn't cost an arm and a leg then. Also there weren't as many buildings blocking the view of the countryside. I also am waiting for Spring to come.

Karmyn R said...

I love taking drives - and now that gas prices are lower, it is much easier to!

Hope your back gets back to normal soon!

FoxyMoron said...

What a lovely outing. That ice must be thick if people can WALK on it! Beautiful pictures Caroline.

T said...

What a nice drive. My husband and I sometimes just get in the car and go. Never know where we may end up.

Love all the pictures, but way too cold for me.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Excellent :) :) :)

gammamoma said...

Good thing that the ice didnt break off and float away with them! LOL It did happen to some fishermen on lake St. Clair! I remember when we would park by the lake edge and watch motorcycle races on the ice at New Baltimore. I would NEVER drive a car on ice EVER though!