Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Even tho life seems to be throwing my family and I some not so fair moments I am trying to see a silver lining at the end of a rainbow.
Frank just called his mother and she is home, she has already received 3 chemo treatments and the rest she is going to have as an outpatient, she will also have 3 more chemo treatments and then they are going to start her on radiation also. She is going to know more tomorrow when she see's her doctor, he did a scan of her whole body and will talk about the results. My continued prayers and good thoughts go out to her. This is all I know that is going on at the moment. I want to thank everyone that has given her a thought and a prayer.
I can't imagine the pain that Frank is in, he is trying to be brave. Losing his grandmother and not being able to say goodbye and now this with his mother. I know what it was like when I was faced with maybe losing my mother at one point in time. It was hard to do anything, work, take care of the kids, the house, my thoughts were always about my mother.
Hopefully and God willing she will be alright.
Some updates:
My back is about 95% better than it was. I will always have some pain because of my degenerated discs. I am still wearing a brace when I work until I am fairly certain my back can take it.
Darin actually begged me for a haircut, so I got that taken care of today. I could cut it if he would just let me buzz cut it. But noooooo he is not having that, it would have saved me $15.00.
Amber spent Friday thru Tuesday at her grandparent's house because school was out for a little break.
The kids went to the dentist on Monday, Darin had a couple of his fillings filled. Amber had one tooth pulled and a couple fillings put in...Did i tell you that she had to have 2 teeth pulled but just before her appointment she pulled one of them on her own.
Amber just came out of her room with her guinea pig in her hands, and it has passed away! It was alive this morning before work, when Frank gave it water and food.
I don't know why we are having such a dark cloud over this family. It's making it hard to keep our chins up with one bad thing after another going on.
I'm going to go and pray...It is all that I can think to do at the moment, other than console my poor daughter's broken heart.


FoxyMoron said...

Caroline I am so sorry things aren't good for you right now. Sometimes it just seems like one thing after another, doesn't it? Like life is trying to run you over.
It's horrible to contemplate losing our parents. I lost my dad when I was 21 but I am so grateful I still have my mother. I hope Frank copes alright, and that his Mum comes through this.
How hard it is when kids lose pets, they take it so hard don't they? But I believe the pain of loss is better than never having pets you know? It kind of teaches them about life and death and that it is a natural circle, and also teaches them coping skills.
Hugs to Amber, and to you.
I'll light a candle for you tonight, that's kind of my way of praying.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

hang in there, Frank. i hope he's able to take his [testicles' off for long enough to actually talk to you about how he's feeling thru it all. you know what i mean :)

Poor Amber! What a nasty little ruff patch you guys are going thru. Thank you for sharing it with us here, tho [[[hugs]]]

caroline said...

thank you foxy, i appreciate every kind word, thank you for lighting a candle, It has been one thing after another, i refuse to let everything get me down, if i did I wouldn't get up! i should be on some kind of antidepressant by now you would think. Everyday is a new and hoping that it's the last of the bad situations!

thanks Mal, i can use alot of hugs :)

Stacy said...

oh honey I'm sorry...
but I find when I go through spurts of dark times...it's just THAT much sunnier after!
I hope it's this way for you too!

delizcious said...

I am so sorry this is all happening. I hope you reach the end of this period soon.

Stacie said...

hugs sweetie!!!

things always seem to hit us at once....and it is just showing us that we can HANDLE it, even though it may not seem that way while you are going through it.

Karmyn R said...

Hopefully these bad times will pass quickly! ((HUGS)))

T said...

Oh Caroline, I am so sorry you and your family have been under a dark cloud. I promise, it does get better. It seems like I have been under one for the past 2 years, but every time I think I just can't take anymore, something good happens to remind me I can get through this next obstacle. You can too.

I am glad Franks mom is home. I know how hard this is. My mom just had a stroke 2 weeks ago, and she has not been well for the past couple of years. I can not bare the thought of my mom not being here. My thoughst and prayers will continue for her.

Please give Amber my sincere condolences on her loss.
Hugs to you and Amber, and know your whole family will continue in my prayers.

If you ever need to chat, let me know and I would be happy to give you my email.

caroline said...

stacy- thank you sweet thing. it means alot.

Liz-my life is a fog right now...hating life as we know it.

Stacie-thank you hun

Karmyn-thank you, not seeing a silver lining anywhere.

T-it's not over yet, so much to think about right now...i think i am getting ulcers...i just feel like puking!

thanks for all your concerns everyone...thanks for listening.