Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Quiet is a good thing these days. Nothing to report as far as bad or good. I did pull up a horoscope that said "rough times are at an end". Which I am taking as a sign from all of my prayers asking when it was going to end.

We got new uniforms at work, one word "awful". long sleeves, all black. I'm not looking forward to summer at all being a "sun magnet". They do look nice but long sleeves! good god! The material is not very comfortable either!

Other than that it is pretty quiet on the home front. I can except that!


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Quiet is good. Tis better than running around like a headless chook [chicken].

momma said...

Hopefully things will stay that way for a few weeks! I'll be back

FoxyMoron said...

Yes you're overdue for some good stuff Caroline!

T said...

OH yes, quiet is very good, and you can use quiet, relish it while it lasts.


Jen said...

It seems that life's taking a pretty big turn into Awfulville for you and for my family, but we'll persevere. Happy travels on Easter! It'll be good. My last visit to Michigan, I got to eat Thanksgiving with my mom's now-deceased friend, and it's helped me cope with her death. And to realize that I'm not as nice as I'd like to think I am to certain people. I didn't know it was the last time I'd see Mary, and I'm ashamed of the comments I texted to my sister in Montana about having to "endure" the meal. It actually turned out to be the best meal ever, and I'm glad we all had that small time together. Cherish the little, seemingly insignificant moments :-)