Sunday, April 19, 2009


I didn't get to wish you all a Happy HAPPY BELATED EASTER. From what I have been reading you all had a nice one.

After spending a good night's sleep at the hotel in New York we got up and headed towards our destination of South Royalton, Vermont. It only took us another 5 hours to get to our hotel in White River Junction, Vermont, we stopped there to find it and to see if we could get our room yet. We did arrive a little early and because we were getting a little snow showers we wanted to get the bags out of the back of the truck. Luckily they let us check in, we dropped off the bags and then we went in search of Frank's mother.

We did find her only about a 20 to 25 minute drive away. She was happy to see us, things the first day and being that it was Easter Sunday was a bit's been 7 years. It got better in the next few days.

We had been invited with the rest of the family to Easter dinner over Frank's brother, Mike. We drove about another 1/2 hour to get to his house and he lives in a beautiful house on top of a hill with a gorgeous view of Vermont mountains. We don't see mountains in Michigan so it is all new to my kids.

We had delicious ham and potatoes, veggies, desserts. It was wonderful! Thanks Mike and Angie!
After dinner everyone went outdoors to ride ATV's and of course picture taking.

these are all the brothers and sisters and mom

left to right

Rob, Ann(mom), Mike, Alice and Frank

the whole family

all the grandkids, but 1, Christopher, could not leave school somewhere..
left to right
Eric, Larry, Brianna, Peter in the way back Brian just behind mom Amber and Darin

same thing...look at all the woods...again, something you don't see alot of until you hit upper Michigan.

This is Rob, his motto is
"I'm easy to get along with"

Mike and Angie really do have a big beautiful home.

Peter, Brian, Brianna and Alice feasting.

This is Ann (Frank's mom) and her boyfriend Ron.
Cute eh?

These 2 pics are of the view that Mike and Angie have from their living room window. Mountains, trees, and more country living!

How many people can say they have this kind of view?

We all were tired after dinner. Mom went to her house and we chit chatted for a bit longer then headed back to our hotel to chill lax and sleep.

The only souvenir I brought home was a bad cold! yuck! Luckily it waited until we were ready to come home it would have sucked to be sick the whole vacation.

I am slowly catching up with all of my favorite blogs. You all have been busy while i was away. lol


gammamoma said...

beautiful pics!


LiLu said...

Happy belated to you too! What a lovely, lovely family :-)

Karmyn R said...

I can't imagine not seeing my mom for 7 years. I'm glad that Frank got to reconnect!!!