Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wednesday/ DAY 5

Wednesday was FAMILY bowling day! All of us went to a bowling alley in Randolph that was about the smallest bowling alley I have ever seen. There was only 10 lanes in the whole building! Something I have never seen before.

Frank's sister Alice on the left and Frank on the right

This is Frank's neice Brianna. Alice's daughter.

Amber waiting for the ball. Almost everyone was using the same ball, ours! Seems alot of the family have the same fingering?

Mom watching the kids play.

Frank :)

Frank's brother Mike and his wife Angie.

Frank and Mike.


After bowling 2 games a league came in and we had to get off the lanes. We went over to their dining area and had some pizza and pop. It was a fun day with the family.
This was our last day with the family.
It took me so long to post this because my computer died!!! I bought a new one and even that one gave me a hard time. I am just now getting started with finding all my favorite things and getting started with it. Bare with me while i get used to this new computer and get all my favorites back. So much to do so little time!


momma said...

It looks like your trip was very satisfying. It is always good to visit with loved ones so far away!

Stacie's Madness said...

I'm an ass...but the "everyone has the same fingering" just cracked me up.

Karmyn R said...

I haven't been bowling in ages. Looks like fun - and yes, very small alley!