Thursday, April 09, 2009


This was so neat!! You have to see it. This lady designs pictures out of sand.

Today after I visited my mother I got pulled over by the police for a stupid, stupid mistake! Not speeding, not anything like that. I got a ticket for going straight when I should have made a right. But if you saw this intersection you would have gotten confused too! The officer did not give me a ticket that is going to cause any points but the city will get some money out of me. I surely did not need it! I told the officer that it was a simple mistake and would never happen again, that i did not see the signs because my mind was on my sick mother-in-law and my mother that is in the hospital. He had some pity on me...but man, it would be nice if one cop gave me a break!! I made a mistake, an honest mistake! I wish i had listened to myself and just made that right instead of going straight. It seems like another round of bad luck is on me, and I am almost afraid to go on this trip.

I was so excited at 3:30 when my vacation officially started and by 6:00 pm I was in tears and hating life! So now on Monday when I am in Vermont I have to make a phone call to the police station to see how much this ticket is or set up a court date.

Anyhoo lots to do...later


FoxyMoron said...

That sucks Caroline, he could have just cautioned you. Don't let it ruin your holiday though. You aren't jinxed you were just distracted!

Stacie's Madness said...

damn po-po

HUGS, hope you have a great (uneventful) weekend!

Michelle said...

Wow, that was really cool! Thanks for sharing :-)

Sorry about the ticket.

T said...

UGH, sorry about the ticket. Don't let that get you down. Think positive!!

Hugs, and have a super weekend!!