Saturday, November 06, 2004

About me and my hubby Frank :)

I was working at a mobil gas station back in "92" when some friends of some other friends of mine came in one day...I had not seen them in awhile and I asked them for a friends phone number. When i called they asked me to come over and see their new house. It was a good starter home...well i would from time to time stop by and play games and party and such, when one day another friend had come back to Michigan after going to Vermont for a visit with his mother, but he was not alone, he had brought a friend with him to visit Michigan. I was interested in him from the start, he had beautiful salt and pepper hair, that's what attracted me to him from the start. Frank is only 4 years older than me...but he explained that he had going grey since he was 18 years old. For the next couple of weeks i would find excuses to go over their house to see him. At the time i did not know that he was planning on staying in Michigan because of me. We were both telling our friends that we liked each other. He then got a job and worked there for a couple weeks and got his first paycheck. I had spent the whole night playing games and talking to him and other friends that had spent the night there, when i decided to go home and get some shut eye. While walking me to my car he leaned over and asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him. I was shocked, but not that shocked because my good friend had told me that he was. Our first date was awesome! He took me to a chinese restaurant, knowing that i liked oriental items. While there he spent all of his first paycheck on me....buying me a beautiful tea set for my collection of oriental things. We spent so much time together and under the circustances that he was living in, i begged my mother and father to let him move in with us, by surprise they said yes. Frank was hard working and did all he could to help out around the house and became close to my mother and father. After 9 months of living with me, for some reason just packed up and went back home to Vermont. To this day i have no idea why...his excuse then was that his brother was graduating and he wanted to be there. This is true...but he was suppose to come back after a week. This did not happen! Four months went by without nothing. All of a sudden, out of the blue, my friend called me and asked me to come over there was something she wanted to show me. I was leary because 2 days prior i had gotten into a fight over there and was not sure if there was some ill will over there. She told me that Frank was back and that he really wanted to see me. When i saw him i just kept asking "why?"
He could not tell me one good reason...But that he came back to be with me again. Alot of my friends think it was just to see if I was the one that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.
Because about two weeks later he proposed to me at a party that was given for our friends wedding....he was drunk, so naturally i thought yeh right! I told him "if you still feel the same ask me in the morning when your not drunk!" By the next morning he delivered the same question over again and i accepted! This was back in October of "93". I had picked our hall, our caterer, and the dj...but still had no ring. He had just started working again so i knew in time i would have one. Two weeks before Christmas my friends came to visit and brought their baby over the baby fell asleep under the Christmas tree. My mother and father were talking in the living room when they got our attention in the kitchen and said without fail "See that, that's our Christmas wish!" me and Frank looked at each other and shrugged it off....After all we were planning our wedding! By Christmas Eve i was not feeling like myself and we were about to buy some alcohol to party with for the occasion when i said to Frank "let me get a pregnancy test before we do this" I went home and straight to the bathroom i went.....after about a minute it sunk in that i WAS pregnant! I started balling right away....thinking that my wedding was ruined! I was not walking down the isle pregnant!!!! I was afraid to tell my folks ...but after walking out with Frank and my mother could see that i was crying, i had to tell them....Mom was dissapointed...only because of all the plans that was in the works....My dad...well he was tickled pink! I think he had been hoping all the while! After all the excitement of learning that i was pregnant, Frank insisted that i open my Christmas gift early, he handed me a big box, i opened it...then was another box, then yet another box....when i finally got to the last box and opened it their was my engagement ring! I was crying beyond believe! To be pregnant and officially engaged on Christmas Eve!

Our son Darin was born on August 16th, 1994. He was 9 lbs and 11 oz. and 21 inches long! born at 10:29 p.m. We were the happiest that we had ever been. That is until our wedding day!

Our wedding day was September 17th, 1994. It was beautiful! I have to say that everything went really well! I rained on that day, which is supposed to be good luck! But thank God that when it did rain we were already in buildings.

You would think that all of that would be enough...but fortunately New Years Eve of what was going to be the year of "95" I was really sick! Puking all the time....while at work, I said that i had the flu...another manager said "I think your pregnant!" I said no way! Darin was only 4 months old...and i was on something that was suppose to be better than the pill....well i shrugged him off and said i will take a test today and New Years Day i will know if your right or if i am. SURPRISE! God wanted me to had 2 right away!

Amber was born on September 26th, 1995. weighing in at 8 lbs and 5 and a half oz and 19 inches long She was born at 10:32 in the morning. She was all the way a daddy's girl because i was really busy taking care of Darin who was 13 months old when she was born and getting into everything...Darin did not like me taking care of his sister so when daddy came home guess who he had to take of.

I will talk more about my children in later blogs.

Well back to the story, we lived with my folks all the while....and about "98" is when we finally purchased our own home! We live in Warren, and making due with what we have! We love our house and we love our block, and our neighbors....

Me and Frank have been married now for 10 years this past September. We still love each other....altho i won't say that it has all been peaches and creme...but compared to other couples i have seen ....i think that we are doing awesome!!!


gammamoma said...

Hip HIP Hurrah! HON, so happy for you! AND proud of what you've become.....Keep up the good work, You've an AWESOME family!

Mallard said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story - brought a happy tear to this poor ol' fools' eye! D'oh! Romance isn't dead.

truth said...

sounds to me like maybee your dad is trying to make up for a balnce in scales,maybee his intentions are to make it up to the one who missed out in life,and you should figuire your part in her loses that led to this resolve,and your mom is right about you so listen to your parents tough love and deal with your role that put you in this place,maybee they missed out of so much that you played a part in,like maybee you should of been there to support your sisters needs as a sister and keep her family togeather instead of feeding her marriage to the wolves ,then maybee it would be a way she would still have her home she lost,think if someone is on fixed income you dont have to mess up much and you lose everything,did you do everything in your heart to keep them togeather,or help in seperating them,your sister is lucky she is still a family did you ever thimk of that also,and most likley what goes around comes around and you may find yourself asking the same thing you gave,maybee you dont see with fair eyes as your father,sounds to me your parents love her and your counting,havent you a heart,dont try to seperate your sisters marriage and count your other familys money,she must not have the same resource,so dont hog what god puts in your dads heart,it sounds like history repetes and this is not the first or last,how many times did you receive money from the family and help and side jobs and all the dinners ect... and her family had zip 0 none,,,,god knows god counts god makes it just,amen hallaloula
so peace be with you and get right with your sister,she was created by god and you will love her as god wills,or be judged by that same ,god wants ok,life is short