Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My little Princess

My little Amber was born September 26th, 1995 at 10:32 a.m. Amber weighed 8 lbs 51/2 oz. and was 19 in. long.

When I found out that i was pregnant with Amber on New Years Eve of what was going to be "95" I was awful sick all the time. I threw up all the time, not just 3 months likes most, but the whole pregnancy

Delivered by c-section by choice! Only for the sole purpose of a tubal ligation right after birth. I knew she was the last child that i would have. I had very hard pregancies, dealing with diabetes, giving myself injections and checking my blood 5 times a day, and Amber always was on my back causing severe pain. Just before going home she recieved a first shot which caused her to get a fever before we were able to leave. Landing her in baby intensive care. That was the worst time of my life! To see my little girl with ivy's in her head and feet. So Amber could not come home for the first week, which devasted me! I knew it was the shot, but the doctors could not rule that out.

Amber was immediately daddy's girl! Only because I was really busy with a 13 month old boy
so when daddy came home she was taken by her father while i was able to focus on Darin's needs.

Amber is a very very busy girl! She is more into playing, coloring, taking care of her animals, babies, stuffed animals as well as plastic animals. Ok, my daughter is an animal lover and she says that she inspires to be a vet or zookeeper. I help to keep this dream alive by actually having animals in the house. Ambers list of animals are as follows:

2 parakeets
10 austrailian cave mice (started with 3 "supposedly boys") well someone screwed
1 spiked tail frog
1 nothern frog
2 hamsters
1 hermit crab
2 red ear turtles
3 dogs! one great pyrenees, 2 chihuahaus
1 ball python
5 fish

I hope that i did not forget about any of her animals
She really takes care of them, especially her dogs!

Amber is a very outspoken child. The one thing about Amber is that she will say whatever she is thinking about, whether she will hurt your feelings or not. If she is thinking it-it will come out her mouth. This can be embarrassing at times, and i worry about what she will say next!

Amber is in the 3rd grade, and from what the teacher tells me she is doing pretty good. Reading is at grade level, writing is improving, and behavior is just fine. Math is the main thing that we need to tackle. Amber is a great person to have around if you need help with something..she is always willing to have a helping hand. She always wants to help the younger children in the neighborhood or at school. As her teacher says she is a "nuturer". You can get Amber to do most anything if you ask her for "help". Don't tell her to do anything tho! That's like talking to a brick wall!

She is a great child, she gives me a run for my money at times.. but she keeps things interesting!
I see her doing great things. But the only thing that i hope for is that BOTH of my kids are happy with anything they do!


gammamoma said...

BRAVO! You got it nailed right on the head!
Keep on with what your doing and doing well.

Mallard said...

It's amazing how similar our kids are! Born at about the same time, and Sebbie, my 2nd, was in hospital for 16 days when he was 4 months' old with bacterial meningitis! Luckily he recovered quickly and had no lasting side effects - he had a few learning difficulties for a little while, but by the time he was 5 he'd completely caught up!
Personality-wise, our 2nd children are opposites! My Seb is a quiet, inward-looking non-attention-seeking person who's very very creative, imaginative and with a wicked sense of humour! he turned 8 last week. It's wonderful how three children can be so different - but that's even more reason to treasure each of them so. (Sorry, now it's MY turn to go avbout bragging! [blush!] )

Keep enjoying your children, and always treasure them! Thanx again for your blog and sharing about your lovely family.
Mal :o)