Monday, November 22, 2004


He graduated his DARE program today. I of course was heavily armed with video camera and put my husband on the photo camera. He did great with his speech, i was very impressed because he was so nervous, and wouldn't you figure that he was the first to read his speech. His speech included a segment where he mentions my heart attack, and his grandmother's stroke, due to the effects of smoking. I looked at my mother and saw her crying. (I have to admit i had steamy eyes during that part) .

For being the Winner of the DARE essay he recieved all kinds of prizes. He got a tote bag, 2 shirts(one long sleeve and one short sleeve), a pen, hat, cup, football, a pretty neat watch, and a certificate. Someone told me to save his certificate because he might be able to get a discount or something for tuition to college. Not sure about that..something to look into.

It was a great day for my son..and I'm awful proud!

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Mallard said...

Congratulations on your son's acheivement - and your own pride spilling out all over this post! That's wonderful stuff - thank you! Good on you for helping him thru practising his speech beforehand too - that was an excellent thing to do to boost his confidence.
Mal :o)