Monday, November 22, 2004

Too Young to have a heart attack!

Back in January of 2003 i was having a very stressful month! I had just went to court for a ticket that i should not have had to pay...had i been armed with a camera at the time it would have been dismissed. But anyways, wouldn't you know that i got called to jury duty! I had to do that in the morning, and work in the evenings. Well just after i finished jury duty which i believe was January 10th, i started having a weird feeling like someone was strangling me, and my left arm would go numb. I did not think anything about i just rested and dealt with the pain. Jan. 11th was the same feeling, and i got scared, went to my mothers to get my blood pressure cuff that i had recieved while pregnant with Amber. I took my blood pressure and it was 180 over 110. This concerned me...but yet i thought maybe my blood pressure medicine just needed to be highered. So on the 3rd day Jan. 12, I called and left a message to my doctor that i was concerned about my blood pressure and wanted to talk to him.
I recieved no phone call and i was still having pain! So the next morning Jan. 14th i called the office again and i said look this is whats happening and I'm scared! She put me on hold for a moment and then came back and said come up here immediately! I went up there and they hooked me up to a machine that checks your heart, and immediately the doctor came in and said she found some abnormalities and said i needed to go to emergency!

When i got to emergency things happened really fast. Hooked me up to all kinds of things. But nobody was saying anything, but they gave me alot of attention. They put me in a room for the night to monitor me and said that i would be going to a stress test in the morning, but if i was to get the pains again to call a nurse. Well about 5 in the morning i got up to go to the bathroom and on the way back to my bed i had the worst pain that i had in all 4 days! I called the nurse and i told her that the pains were there and she came in with the blood pressure cuff and it read 210 over 120 then she popped me a nitro pill and yet another. Finally the pain went away, and i asked her wonder how come it took so long for the pain to come...and that's because they had been putting nitro patches on my legs and i never even new that! Well the doctor came in shortly after that and said no stress test, he thought that would have killed me on the spot! So i went straight for a catherization(i hope i got that close) they put a device up my leg and into my heart while shooting dye in my heart you could see it all on a monitor. At first they saw nothing, till they went to the Left Anterior Descending Artery and said that i had a 95% blockage. I was dumbfounded! 33 years old and i was having a heart attack! The doctor said that Artery was called the Widow maker, had that blown i would be dead! There would have been no saving me. She guesses that within a day or 2 i would have been gone.

Well they sent me to another hospital with more capabilities, and fixed the artery with angioplasty and a stent. It's been almost 2 years now and I feel pretty good! I passed my stress test back in June. (this is my birthday present to myself every year)

So not only did i have court, jury duty, heart attack, in one month! you would think that would be enough! I came home to someone called on me about my dog, (something i was going to take care of) but just waiting for a little money come my way. On the same day my drains decided to back up and i had to pay for a plumber to come and snake the drains. My greatest aunt in the whole world helped me thru all that hardship when i needed her. Then my van's transmission broke down, but thankfully that was covered under warrantee!

So this is what happened to me one horrible January "2003"


Mallard said...

I'm so glad you had an aunt to journey with you thru that month of uphevals!

I appreciate when things like that hit you all at once - back in early 2002 a whole lot of things dropped out of the sky at once, and I was flat on my back with a nervous breakdown! At least you had your family around you at the time.

Be thankful that you finally listened to your body in time! It must have been a surreal experience in the hospital while all that was happening around you.

I'm getting the occasional twinge under the right armpit... (I turned 40 this year)... yes yes, I'll go to a doctor by the end of the week... where I'm gonna get the $$$ from is another thing, but anyway...!
Mal :o)

Monica said...

Hi Caroline! Thanks for visiting my site. It sounds like you and I are a lot alike, not to mention the birthday! I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

truth said...
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