Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Sometimes i just don't understand people. I don't understand how some people can be so cruel to others. The other day i was working and i received a phone call by some kids wanting the new game grand theft auto...they thought it would be funny to imitate arabic children and because of that, threatened to blow up our blockbusters... I'm sure that they thought it would be funny...but I sure did not!! What are parents teaching these days? I remember when i was a kid i was not able to use the phone other than to call my mom at work or friends near by. When i was a kid i did not think about playing games like those! I try my best with my kids and so far i think that i have done a pretty good job with them. I am astonished when i hear little kids swearing, and acting like they don't have any sense to them what-so-ever. I know if i ever heard my kids attempting to curse or do things that i dissaprove of i would be all over them. I can understand that some kids have bad lives. I for one am a product of a very dysfunctional family...My father did things in his past that his is not proud of...but he has changed and he is a perfect example of changing what you want to be... It was all because of alcolhol that he was the way he was ....But i also know that you can choose what you want to be...God has blessed me with a mind and i chose not to be those things that i dispised when i was younger... Yes i did go thru the teenage typical crap that any youth would go through. Trying alcohol, weed and all that ....but like everyone says you learn from your mistakes and i have! But i did not become an alcholic and i don't beat anyone unless they have hit me for some reason. It is really hard because my children can push me to a limit that i don't want to go... when that happens i get them to their rooms and take 5. If i really need a break i call my mom and have the kids spend a night or some other way of taking the edge off of a busy week, day or whatever.

I just don't understand why people don't actually listen to people...last night i had 4 phone calls at work and we always have to answer the phone like this "thank you for calling blockbuster, 11 and hoover, Caroline speaking can i help you?" Each and everytime i was called Kelly! or i was asked "is this blockbuster?" If people would just listen!!!! We have to tell you your due dates and we tell you the time they are due, before noon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We always get they did not tell us before noon.....I just say...possibly you were not listening to us! DON'T get me started about cell phone use during checkout! That is about the rudist thing ever!!! I understand having a phone call ...but when your checking out can ya just take a second to let the phone call wait till your done? Or maybe say can i call ya back? I do! but then again i was brought up with a great mother, No matter how things were back then, she always instilled manners...God Bless Her!

Another thing, i never bothered employees that looked like they were working their butts off doing something, I always try to grab someone that looks like they need something to do.... or i never go to the beginning of a line to interupt the cashier that is helping someone else! Rude!

Sorrry just venting some frustrations...and maybe someone can use some of these pointers of manners that i have outlined!


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Hey caroline
I have the biggest problem with super dumb ass rude people. especially ones that are on there phone. Bastards!!!!!!!!! I hope your not too tired today casue me and Paul and Mechell didnt leave until almost 9am
Later Caroline

Mallard said...

You GO, girl! That's what a blogs' good for - venting off some steam! Go for it.
People can be basically selfish and just plain rude - it's really irritating sometimes, I absolutely agree with you. A second to say 'please' or 'thank you' doesn't cost someone anything!
mal :o)