Friday, November 12, 2004


As you all know by now i work for Blockbuster Video. Most of my crew are really awesome and I enjoy working with them on a day to day basis. My boss Paula is really nice. She will do anything she can to help you out and work with you on certain things. She is a very funny lady and i have told her that she should go on tour for a comedy show. I work with other managers, some i like and some i just don't care for. But i'm always civil to everyone.

Michelle is our ASM(assistant store manager) she really knows her job! I think she studies our SOP (store operating procedures) just for the fun of it! She is in charge of all the drama that blockbuster hands to us. And she keeps us filled in on certain duties and things that we need to know. Michelle is a very nice lady to me, but if she don't like you she is very obvious about how she feels towards you.

Now my crew, ahhhhhhhh my crew....Some of them i have very fond things to say. Raycine is a very nice lady, a mommy like me. We swap out things for eachother's children, this really helps because her daughter is growing up and Amber gets to reap the rewards of all her smaller clothing! And i do what i can to send whatever she can use her way. Raycine is a really quick learning and she is doing a really great job. I have her just the way i like her now. She is able to work on things without me telling her what to do and volunteering to do other tasks when needed.I see her moving up in the company and becoming an asset. I just have to watch out for my job...She understands that managers have alot of duties other than help customers all day. But i really have to give it to her today....She was scheduled to work till 10 but she stayed for me because she knows i was sick. I can't thank her enough! I don't know what i got but i'm really not feeling myself!

Then their is Paul, Paul is a sweetheart of a guy! There is nothing he would not do for ya. I knew he was going to move up in the company fast. He has not been working for us very long and he just became a certified manager. I will give him credit for being able to learn things fast. And i welcome him to the management team. He is hard working don't get me wrong, but if he can find the fast way out of doing things he will...I hope that changes as he will learn that his crew may do the same to him and see how frustrated he gets. I think he will do fine!

Stephanie is the next crew member that i can talk about. When she first started i was not sure how well she was going to work out. But now i can tell you that she is doing very well! She is very hard working, not just at our store, but she has another job. She is starting to catch on very quickly and knows exactly what i expect out of her. On a personal note: She deserves alot better than she has right now. She will know what i mean about that!

I would really like to add Kim to this, even tho she quit on us! Kim was a very smart and fast learner! I enjoyed talking to her and working with her! She is missed! But i hope that what she needed to get at another job is their for her.

Their are others that i work with, but these are the people that i work the most often with. And they deserve mentioning! They work their butts off for me and always go above and beyond what's expected of them.
All i have to say is Thank You, Thank You!!!


Anonymous said...

Caroline I think U hit it right on the dot. I there are only a few people that I would request to work with And You are definity at the top of the list. Wven though stupid ass arabs have to come in anf try to fuck with u. Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha
Rock Out Paul

Mallard said...

Sounds like a nice working environment for you to be in.

PS. Good on you too, Grandma - for your obvious love for your family as well!

Mal :o)

Anonymous said...

What Kim gets a hit after she has quite and i get nothing. What am I chopped BBV empolyee. J/K go to she ya the other day talk to you soon


Anonymous said...

Hey, Caroline. I'm currently a Blockbuster Video employee in Phoenix and I'm currently on leave of absence. I had an operation on my back.
But, anyways, I haven't been in my store for awhile because of my back thing and since you seem to know so much about the SOP I wanted to ask you a question.
A friend of mine who works as a CSR, I'm an ASM, got in a heated debate with me over closing proceedures and now I'm starting to question myself.
When closing the store for the night what is the proper way to verify the exit doors as you leave? I work in a store that has the exit and entrance doors separate.
I would like to know what the SOP says, not what you might enforce.
I'd like to show down this kid.

Thank You, for your help.