Monday, November 15, 2004


A co-worker and I have both witnessed a miracle! Customers came into our store to return some films, while walking into the store they found a wallet! I'm not sure if they looked into the wallet or not, but they turned in to us. I guess they hoped that whoever's wallet it was belonged to one of our customers. When they handed it to me, i opened it up and saw that it was a cutomer that comes in all the time. I looked on the account and tried to call him but no answer. While putting it away i quickly checked to see if there was any money in the wallet. I was shocked to find out that there was money alright, only a couple thousand in 100 dollar bills! After I found the money in the wallet i asked Raycine if she knew who returned it, she said they returned some we quickly pulled up the account and got their phone number just in case the owner of the wallet wanted to call and thank them for turning it in, or give a reward for such a good deed! I thought i would try to call the number one more time...This time getting an answering machine, i left a message for the gentleman that i had his wallet. Just as i hung the phone up, i turned towards the door and he walked in! The wife came in, i said maam i have your wallet. I told her that a couple found the wallet and turned it in to me.

I asked her if she wanted me to call them so that she may thank them for turning in the wallet. She of course said yes. I called the house and the father of the girl said that she was not home and he gave me her cell phone number. I called her and told her that the owner of the wallet wanted to thank her. The owner of the wallet thanked her in tears! And explained how grateful she was because they had took out a loan to pay for some furniture that she was buying tomorrow. She also offered her a reward for finding it and turning it in. But the kind couple refused it, just was grateful for the thank you and glad they could do it!

They then offered me a reward for going thru so much trouble for them. I told them that i was happy to do it and was not necessary. They insisted, and left a 20 dollar bill. I took that 20 and split it with Raycine, after all if it weren't for Raycine remembering they turned in some videos, i would have never gotten the phone numbers.

Sometimes i forget that their are good, kind, descent people still out there! That's a wake up call for me!

After that a gentleman left his cell phone on the counter, I tried to find a number to call. But in the midst of doing that, he called his phone and i told him where he had left it. I waited for him to come and get it. He was very grateful that i was holding it for him.

Hope this brings some spirit to the real meaning of Christmas for ya!
God Bless!


gammamoma said...

WOW! I can imagine how surprised and happy both customers were, but the couple who lost the money have to be exstatic! What a bummer to have lost that much money and then to find it whole again, shows there is good people still around. Thank God!

Mallard said...

Thanx for that! Restores a sense of hope to a broken faith in humanity!
Years' ago i found a young teenager's wallet, and dropped it off at the address inside. His dad thanked me, but the teen hadn't even realised his wallet was missing! The look on his face was priceless! The cost to me - nothing. The blessing to me - the look of amazement and thanks on the guy's face. Thanx for reminding me - I'd forgotten all about that.
I still think your workplace sounds like a nice working environment, even tho it has its' ups and downs, stresses and pleasures - the same as anywhere.
Mal :o)