Sunday, November 28, 2004

challenges answered

1. a movie - Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - Peter O'Toole's eyes, those scenes that make you thirsty just watching them...
2. a book - "The Far Road", George Johnston 1962. A novel set amongst the horrific side-affects of war in China.
3. a musical artist, song, or album - "Black Sea" album by XTC (1980).
Three questions? Hmmmm.....
.i) How did you first find out about 'blogging'? I had heard of live journals...but i actually started when mom started to do it. She started a few and i said maybe i should it would be a way to vent or tell my story.
iiWhat does your favourite colour remind you of?I don't really have a favorite color I usually buy black or darker colors cuz i have a nak for getting things
iii) Why do you like living in the community where you do? I live her cuz i am very comfortable with my surroundings, I have traveled to alot of places and always find myself wanting to go back home. I love having 4 seasons. But I really like spring and fall because its not to hot and not to cold.

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Mallard said...

Oh wow! How cool is that?! Blogging is almost an addictive thing sometimes, hey?! hahahaa. Glad you could use my questions tho - thanx!
Hope you're all having a fantastical weekend together.
Mal :o)