Saturday, November 20, 2004


Just sitting here thinking about the holidays. Frank and I have a tradition that every Thanksgiving we take the kids to the Detroit parade. We get up around 5:30 so that we can leave by 6:30 to hold a spot up front! It is well worth going to, and kinda sets your minds to the up coming holidays. The kids adore the huge balloons, and shout out SPIN IT, SPIN IT! They like when the balloon holders do that. They LOVE when floats throw out stuff to the kids.

After the parade we go to my mother's and father's house for a huge dinner! Mom does the works for Thanksgiving. Normally she can do most of it herself, but this year me and my sister are going over the day before and get alot of the preparation done for her, since she has a hard time because of the stroke. I would do it here at my house but my house is way to small to entertain so many folks.

I can't believe that Christmas is around the corner! I'm trying to put together some kind of Christmas for my kids. Between my mother and father and I, the kids should get everything that they asked for and more. Times get tight in this house but i will always try and make do.

I wanted to put out my x-mas decorations on Friday but it rained alllllll day! I am hoping to get to that Sunday day or some where on Monday. This will be exciting because last year after x-mas i bought so much stuff after the holidays (really cheap) that i don't even remember what i got, but i know that there is alot.

I went Friday and got my mother's gift for Christmas, I am just hoping that she likes it! I'm pretty sure that she will. I looked everywhere for it...I knew what i wanted to get her and i finally found it. I will have to tell you what it is after the holidays, because she reads my

Well i will write more later..


Mallard said...

Unfortunately, we don't have a holiday such as "Thanksgiving" here in Australia, where we stop and think and are thankful for the many many wonderful things we have living in such a brilliant country such as ours. The church i used to go to used to run a casual "Thanksgiving Service" about this time of year, so people could share their stories of the good things that have happened to them over the year. It was always an uplifting time for everybody who came.

I have to admit i dug out the atlas to find Detroit and Michigan - I'm not too knowlageable about that part of the USA... embarrisngly enough, the only thing I know about that region is the fact that Klinger from 'M*A*S*H' came from Toledo! D'OH! I bet you get good snows coming into Xmastime... where I live we might get 2 small snowfalls once a year - that's about it. Being 200km inland from the ocean might have something to do with our hot summers and cold winters!

Thanx once again for your fantastic blog. I know I've written a whole lot in your comments - i hope that's not too overwhelming for you to get at once in your email inbox! Argh! I guess I just wanted to encourage a mum, wife and daughter in their journey.

Mal :o)

Anonymous said...

I saw that.. Can't I have a hint, HA HA ? Cant wait to see what you surprise me with this time. I love surprises.

gammamoma said...

Mal, You've never heard of the MOTOR CITY? or MOTOWN RECORDS? That's a shame. Detroit is famous for the cars and the Motown records - all the records they put out!