Monday, November 08, 2004

BOY am I a PROUD mother! Or PROUD of my Boy!

Well I said that i would talk about my children later, but my son just gave me a great reason to talk about him. I just found out today that my son Darin won the D.A.R.E essay contest! He gets a prize that is probably eating at any restaurant with the officer that is in charge of the D.A.R.E. program, which is very exciting to a 10 year old. He will get some other stuff, courtesy of D.A.R.E.
He has to read his essay to the whole school on the 22nd when he graduates the D.A.R.E. program. This scares him, but i told him that we will practice every day until he feels comfortable reading the essay. I admit i did help with the essay by typing it out for him, but he wrote it and threw ideas for it. I focused on what he got out of the whole program. For him it was all about the health issues do to smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

Well that's enough of the mother bragging rights of her kid.

My son was born August 16th 1994, weighing in at a hefty 9 lbs and 11 oz. He was immediately nicknamed uncle fester, due to his bald head and chubby cheeksand big eyes. He was a really cute baby! Not really bald, but his hair was so light light blonde you could not see peach fuzz. He was born c-section due to his size. When he came out...he came out screaming, the nurses went to work on him and he hosed 3 of them down right away! The nurses laughed and yelled he got 3 of us! Darin was a very easy going baby, but when he was not feeling good he loved to be walked while you patted him on his butt.

Darin works really hard at school, he is in the 5th grade now and has many friends that he likes to play with. He loves to play football outside with his friends, he also loves to stay indoors and play with his playstation 2 or his game boy advance...he is really good at games...and computers...he shows me a few things from time to time.

Darin is almost as tall as me and i'm 5'4". I think he is ranging easily 5' or 5' 1" . The last time that i took him to the well baby clinic they guessed him to grow at least 6' or 6'1' , if that is true me and his father are going to have to look up to him full grown. We might want to watch what we say to him

Don't get me wrong about Darin he is a good boy, but he does have an evil streak to him. When he gets an itch to be mean to his sister he can be! But for the most part he is very caring towards her. He will always lend a helping hand when needed.

We just went thru some old home videos of the kids and its amazing how little and cute and some of the things that they used to say and do came flooding back. Darin used to want to play with daddy boxing, or fighting. He would climb up on daddy and pull him by the hair and say "wanna fight?" and pull him down to the ground...of course daddy always played with his baby boy! Daddy would always lose! I'm not sure if that was planned....cuz Darin can play hard! I also remember bouncy bounce on the belly.....That was my personal favorite...Darin would sit on daddy's tummy and bounce away on his stomach...I always shouted "do it again!" ...kinda sounded like the A.O.L. commercial with the kid on the computer and the dad making the frog jump on the screen saying hiya. I only remember that because it was played on our blockbuster trailer tape forever! It seems so far away ago that he was born, but yet not that far away. You forget how small they used to be.

I learn everyday something new about my kids...With Darin it is his willing to help, his personality, how humerous he can be! I'm going to take credit for that! From his Dad , i think he gets his taste for certain foods...he eats things that i would never think to eat...but his dad is that way also...But from both of us its his way of getting along with anyone that he meets.

Well that's my son in a nutshell. Next will be my loving daughter Amber.


gammamoma said...

He is such a loving boy, and his personality is going to win him so many friends. I also remember his baby days with fond memories. Remember the socks on his fists for fighting with his Dad, and how he would lay on Dad's head and pin him down till we counted one, two, three like the wrestling matches he loved to watch.
Those are fond memories. As a Grandma I am super proud of him also, and happy I have a good grandson like him in my life.

Mallard said...

I love to hear a parent brag and boast about their kids that they obviously love and care for! Your children are about the same age as my elder two boys. As a parent you have full RIGHTS to always brag about your kids - go for it! Never stop telling them!

My son must be about the same height - he'll be a 6-footer soon, and he's only 11! He's always been a tall boy, and one side-affect of that is when people expect more of him, because they assume he is older than he actually is. Hmmm... He's a great bloke.

Thanx again for your blog.
Mal :o)